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Hey there!  I'm Kelsey and I'm happy that you decided to check out my page!  I have had my photo taken before, and I can honestly say that the experience is so much better and more fun when you have a connection with your photographer.  So I hope you can get a feel of who I am!

First, the basic stuff... I am a full-time speech-language pathologist in the public school system.  My partner and I are also in the process of writing and self-publishing children's book that celebrate diversity and promote inclusion.  


Some more about me...I live in the Richmond, VA area with my fiancé, Jessie, and our beloved fur-baby, Lily.  I love to travel, especially places where I get to enjoy nature!  I love visiting parks and gardens, and I hope to visit all of the US National Parks.  When it's not too hot out, I love to hike.  When it is hot out, I would love to spend the whole day on the water.  If I had to choose, I'd prefer the mountains/lakes, but I don't discriminate against the beach either.  I would also classify myself as an amateur foodie (thanks to my wonderful parents), and I enjoy trying new cuisine.  I think my current favorite is Indian food.  Some more quick facts about me: I love (and hate) trashy reality TV, I almost always fall asleep during movies, and I like to read books that make me really feel (and cry).

Now about my photography.  Photography, for me, started as a hobby.  I started with nature/landscape photography from my travels.  As I got older and my friends were in more serious relationships, getting married, and having babies, I branched out more into couple and family photography.  This is definitely my passion.  I love capturing the connections between people and making you feel your best!  I love taking outdoor photos in natural light.  As my name suggests, I want to provide you with fun photos that are full of color!  I think color shows so much personality and fun! 

My philosophies - I want to celebrate YOU!  In all areas of my life, I strive for inclusivity and positivity!  All bodies, all loving relationships, and all people are beautiful! I hope to capture genuine love, beauty, and happiness in full color!  


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Richmond, VA


Tel: (804) 372-5528